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episode 137: Christmas Gifts That Have Been Big Hits in Our Homes

Oct. 18th, 2021 – In this episode, the girls are getting you prepped for the Christmas season! They hand-selected a few of their past gift successes and the most popular toys in their houses. And because we’ve heard that this year we may be dealing with delays and shortages, now may be the time to get going on all of your buys! Sarah and Lauren break it down with five different age categories (TODDLERS, PRESCHOOLERS, KINDERS, TWEENS & PRETEENS) sharing their top 2-3 favorites! Be sure to write in and share some of your favorites. All RESOURCES & LINKS are available now at / SHOP THE SHOW for your convenience. 

They close out the show with their hits and misses of the week – Lauren letting the kids take over Halloween decorating and Sarah sharing a big almost-oops moment involving the Alexa Show.


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 2021-10-18  47m