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episode 370: Lazy D&D Talk Show: Fizban‘s, First World, New Monster Design,13th Age Spotlight

Mike talks about all things D&D!

  • 00:00 Show Start
  • 00:29 Lazy DM's Companion Kickstarter
  • 03:14 Fizban's Treasury of Dragons
  • 05:38 The dragons in the First World
  • 10:48 Aspect of Tiamat, Great Wyrm stat blocks, and spellcasting dragons
  • 18:32 Monster Design Guidelines from WOTC
  • 23:45 13th Age Spotlight
  • 43:30 Patreon Question: Tracking what happened
  • 46:44 Patreon Question: Putting on pressure in flexible campaigns
  • 51:26 Patreon Question: The 8 steps in a megadungeon
  • 54:29 Patreon Question: Putting puzzles into your game
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 2021-10-18  59m