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episode 78: Benji Travis - How to Run Your Business Successfully From Home

There’s strength and power in numbers, especially when these numbers are the count of people you have in your tribe that believe in your cause. Benji Travis, a successful social media influencer-turned-coach is today’s guest and he’s here to talk about effective frameworks and strategies in building a profitable business online. His massive success as an influencer is what inspired him to help his fellow influencers shine in their respective niches and generate a 7-figure income simply by doing the things they are passionate about. He shares valuable secrets on how to grow your audience, why the quality of your relationships is more significant than the quantity of your following, and the key that can literally open your door to limitless opportunities. 

“Social media is all about attention and the way to gain attention is to make the audience feel their time is worth spending on you.”

-Benji Travis

In this Episode:

  • 2 things you can offer online that people truly want, which can give you an edge over all the other influencers swarming the internet. 
  • X-factors the digital influencers have that the traditional celebrities don’t, same reasons why they’re winning BIG in social media, from their following to their income. 
  • The magic question you need to ask yourself to stand out in a space where there's an abundance of creators offering what you have to offer.
  • Figure out how attention in general, positive or negative, generates a ton of money and how to create a solid impact that can influence a curious onlooker to become a loyal follower.
  • Learn what an evergreen viewership is about, why this is what you need, and the process of how to create it.

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  • Live Training with James Neilson-Watt
  • YouTube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video Influencer

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 2021-10-20  53m