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episode 394: She Podcasts Conference Review w/ Jeni Wren Stottrup

There are a lot of small and genre-specific podcasting conferences. Unless you're in a specific niche or demographic, you may not know about these events or the value they can bring to you and your podcast.   On this episode, I talk with Jeni Wren Stottrup about her experience at a recent podcasting conference designed for women podcasters, She Podcasts. Topics:

  • Niche and genre-specific podcasting conferences
  • Getting "back on the bike" after COVID-19 lockdowns
  • COVID-related travel issues
  • Networking with masks
  • Women in podcasting
  • Knowing your audience
Links To Things We Talk About:
  • She Podcasts Live
  • The Podcasters' Forum
  • RocknPod Expo
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 2021-10-22  26m