With this podcast we give our community the opportunity to get to know the Giraffe Heroes behind the foundation better by gaining deeper insight into their work. Thus you will have an opportunity of a direct encounter with these personalities sticking their necks out for the common good, fighting for the social issues that matter: justice, freedom, our environment. In our podcast, commended Giraffes are talking with us about the issues that count most for them and which drive them “To Stick their Necks Out” for our common good. We offer you a direct and often very personal "look" behind the scenes of their day to day activities. What made them start fighting for their local communities? How did they manage to cope with and overcome resistance? And yes, what concerns them and which dangers do they perceive as threatening the success of their struggle? Be inspired and have fun!


episode 47: Sarita fights back

Prayatna Nepal empowers blind and visually impaired girls and women. Please make the effort to follow our talk with Sarita Lamichhane who is talking about her experiences in Nepal being a daughter, and blind. What does it mean for the family? She shares with us how she grew up, through the quota got engaged in a government job, went for training at kanthari and founded her own project Prayatna Nepal. It also includes a fight back programme to increase confidence, especially for visually impaired women, who often suffer discrimination and sexual harassment.


 2021-10-26  33m