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Marketing In Times Of Crisis has changed its name to Marketing In Times of Recovery. It's still a bi-weekly interview-led podcast series featuring inspirational built environment business leaders but more with a look to the future. We’ve had to weather crisis’ before and podcast listeners hear lively conversations, jam-packed with hints, tips and takeaways that you can apply to your business now. Hosted by Ayo Abbas, Founder / Consultant, Abbas Marketing. Subscribe now, rate, review and help us to spread the word.


episode 2: Ep 02: Strategy, Agility & Change with Liz Earwaker, AECOM [transcript]

Welcome to the latest episode of Marketing In Times of Crisis, I’m your host Ayo Abbas from Abbas Marketing. In this episode I talk to Liz Earwaker who is the Clients and Marketing Director, Commercial and Buildings EMEA, from global consultancy giant AECOM. I’ve known Liz for years from when we both worked in the marketing team at Mace.  

Liz shares her of experiences of developing an evolving marketing strategy to cope with the rapidly changing landscape we’re all facing today. She emphasises how business must be agile, open to change and quick to respond to external factors as they arise.   

She talks us through the three stage approach that AECOM is taking during the Coronavirus pandemic and how they are leveraging their global business network to share idea, best practice and solutions.   

Liz also shares how AECOM’s marketing team is empowering their teams on the ground with the right tools and campaigns to have conversations with their clients. She also discusses the different communications channels that have come into their own during lockdown including podcasts and webinars. 

Key takeaways 

  • Being agile and quick to respond to the changing environment. 
  • Empowering your teams and people on the ground. 
  • Embracing newer communications channels such as podcasts & social media as traditional channels such as events have stopped.
  • Using thought leadership and storytelling across channels to capture people’s imaginations and emotions.


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 2020-07-03  30m