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The Built Environment Marketing Show is the new name for Marketing In Times Recovery. It's a biweekly interview-led podcast series featuring inspirational built-environment business leaders about all things marketing. Each episode isjam-packed with hints, tips and takeaways that you can apply to your engineering or architectural business now. Hosted by award-winning marketing consultant Ayo Abbas from Abbas Marketing.


episode 23: Ep 23, PT 2, Strategy, Purpose, Data and Events Danielle Regan and Dave Hendy, Mace


Hello and welcome to the latest episode of Marketing In Times of Recovery hosted by  Ayo Abbas, a built environment marketing consultant and founder of Abbas Marketing.

It's part two of my interview with Danielle Regan and Dave Hendy from Mace.  If you've not checked out part 1 make sure you do before hitting play here.

In our discussion, we talk about:

  • The process Mace took to set their new 2026 business strategy including how internal staff feedback led them to take the leap to be bolder in their strategic ambitions. 
  • How website traffic grew 70% in the last year and what steps they're taking to drive traffic and the data they're using to drive their content strategy. 
  • How they're navigating the hybrid event conundrum.  

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This episode was recorded on July 01 2021.


 2021-09-24  32m