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episode 24: Ep. 24 - Marketing and Business Development Fundamentals, Iben Falconer, SOM [transcript]

Hello and welcome to the latest episode of Marketing In Times of Recovery.  And I’m your host Ayo Abbas, a built environment marketing consultant who delivers strategy, awesome content and campaigns for leading built environment firms.   

I first heard today’s guest on a podcast last year and she has been on my wishlist ever since. She is Iben Falconer from SOM and she’s based in New York.

In this fascinating interview we touch on:

  • how large firms handle and manage marketing and BD,  
  • her quest to demystify business development and how she’s working on a long-term strategy to embed BD across their global firm.  
  • how she leads their global marketing and BD team and what it’s like to start a new role during a global pandemic. 

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This episode was recorded on Thurs June 03 2021

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 2021-10-15  38m