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Emily Ruhl talks about writing, directing and producing her short film ‘BLUE MOON‘

Emily Ruhl recently joined host Elias in the cave! Emily has established herself as a top model and she is now expanding her talents into writing, directing and producing with her short film BLUE MOON.

The project is a vibrant vignette of a love story that takes place in a single night. It follows two young women through Los Angeles as they explore the depths of themselves. Additionally, she co-wrote and produced the short film’s theme song called HER. Ruhl is in production for her second short film where she will star as the lead actress.

She recently won “Best Director short” at the New Creators Film Awards, “Best First Time Director” at the Rome Movie Awards, and “Best Romatic short” at the Independent Short Award

Photo credit: Martina Tolot Moroder

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 2021-10-26  15m