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Marketing In Times Of Crisis has changed its name to Marketing In Times of Recovery. It's still a bi-weekly interview-led podcast series featuring inspirational built environment business leaders but more with a look to the future. We’ve had to weather crisis’ before and podcast listeners hear lively conversations, jam-packed with hints, tips and takeaways that you can apply to your business now. Hosted by Ayo Abbas, Founder / Consultant, Abbas Marketing. Subscribe now, rate, review and help us to spread the word.


episode 25: Ep 25: Finding your niche and focus with Magnus Ström, Ström Architects [transcript]

Hello and welcome to Marketing In Times of Recovery, the bi-weekly built environment marketing podcast. And I’m your host Ayo Abbas, founder and director of Abbas Marketing.  

Today my guest is Magnus Ström from Ström Architects who design one-off high-end houses.  

Magnus takes a laser-focused approach to marketing and in this interview, we touch on how: 

  • the practice focuses on a very specific niche and the challenges surrounding finding and working with one-off, private clients 
  • they approach the media and awards 
  • social media and digital has played a huge role in their business. 

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This episode was recorded on 08 October 2021.

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 2021-10-29  29m