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episode 245: High Income, New Cars, Profitable Businesses, and $190k in Debt

Brad Finn was raised with a strong work ethic that follows him to this day. He always knew he should be working hard, and that’s exactly what he did. Brad worked throughout high school, college, and started multiple businesses in adulthood. While his work ethic was strong, his financial skills were lacking. When Brad went to college, he remembers using almost a third of his student loans on partying alone.

Fast forward to his mid-thirties, Brad is waking up in a beautiful house, with two nice cars in the driveway, a great income, a new business, and a negative net worth. It wasn’t until Brad allowed himself to look at the true number behind his net worth that he realized something needed to change. Fortunately, his wife had been slowly, but surely, trying to tell Brad that they had to make that change.

The day Brad’s first child was born, he and his wife were debt-free. This didn’t come easy, especially since they were facing close to $190,000 in debt. They tracked their spending and realized they spent close to $20,000 in two months, solely on eating out. They dialed it in, worked side jobs to boost their savings rates, and rewarded themselves when they hit milestones. Now their net worth is growing fast, and they’re locked in on investing.

In This Episode We Cover

Calculating how much you need in student loans and taking out that exact amount

How to continue your debt payoff journey without getting discouraged

Rewarding yourself for big milestones, even if it will set you back a small amount

Talking to your partner about money and asking their opinion on strategies 

Raising your budget on things that matter while lowering it on things that don’t

Retirement plans for government workers, like 403b and 457 plans 

Understanding that the long journey to financial freedom is worth it

And So Much More!

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 2021-11-01  1h28m