Total Party Kill

Adventuring since 2013, Total Party Kill is an actual-play podcast in which a bunch of friends play D&D on the Internet for your amusement.


episode 317: Gloom, Part 2

A young man has been murdered! Four adventurers might be suspects! It’s time to call in Gwyndielle the Cleric, a veteran of our very first Whitesparrow adventure, to solve the case and close up the series! What is the secret of the assassin known as Gloom? What’s lurking inside Magnet Rock, deep in the bog? And who has the highest armor class and the most hit points? Mysteries all, some of them answered in this very episode!

Whitesparrow, part 28

Tony Sindelar and Dan Moren with Rosemary Orchard, Lisa Schmeiser, Jess Viator, James Thomson and Jason Snell

Show Notes & Links

“TPK in Whitesparrow” theme song by Jonathan Mann.

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 2021-11-02  2h15m