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episode 80: Terri Cole - How to Become a Boundary Boss & Talk True, Be Seen and Live Free

Successful people are people who have a growth mindset. They believe that every day is an opportunity to learn and be better. But most people fear growth because growth often equates to pain. What makes growth painful is the number of mistakes that come with it - the failures, the rejections, the ‘starting overs’. Today’s guest, Terri Cole, shares the secret on how to make growth pains more bearable by introducing the two methods of learning, and showing which one supersedes the other. Terri is a successful psychotherapist and an authority in personal empowerment. She advocates the pursuit of a happier, more successful life by taking the journey back to the past and killing something that is a threat to your present and damaging to your future. Learn how to identify your success blockers, and start the elimination game.

“There’s a lot at stake for having an entire life built on disordered boundaries.”

-Terri Cole

In this Episode:

  • Recognize the powerful qualities that transform simple audiences into superfans. 
  • Mirror how successful people aced their learning game and accelerated their journey to success. 
  • Beyond great content is a “little extra”. Discover the “little extra” that can make a huge difference in your result.
  • Find out why every path and goal you set to pursue needs to start and end with YOU.
  • Questions you need to ask yourself to gain clarity and understand the disordered boundaries that are impacting your business decisions and keeping your adult-self from happiness.

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  • Boundary Boss
  • How to set boundaries in business (free for TJNWS listeners)

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 2021-11-03  55m