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episode 284: When Sustainability Impacts Performance with Jennie Perry from Grove Collaborative

Jennie Perry is the CMO at Grove Collaborative, which creates and curates high-performing, planet-first products across many categories. Jennie leads their marketing strategy and is responsible for product marketing and driving consumer engagement and product demand.


Before joining Grove, Jennie spent nine years working in Amazon, most recently as CMO of Prime and Amazon North America, where she led Prime Day and Prime marketing global.


In this episode, Alan and Jennie discuss growth, sustainability and CPG, and why they can be so hard to achieve. Jennie says, “You don't have to sacrifice performance for sustainability. The common misconception out there is that it’s a trade-off, but you can't have one without the other.” Listen to the full episode to hear why Grove Collaborative is on a mission to make sustainability more accessible to the public. Tune in to hear the creative ways they are making this a reality


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to transform products into a force for human and environmental good
  • The importance of broadening channel diversity
  • Why companies should make sustainability more accessible 

Key Highlights:

  • [01:44] Wiping out in front of Beyonce and Jay Z
  • [04:48] Where Jennie’s career all began
  • [10:18] What brought Jennie to Grove 
  • [12:24] Making it easier for customers to buy sustainable products
  • [15:35] Tackling sustainability—starting with plastics
  • [20:10] Changing packaging to save water
  • [23:11] Expanding marketing efforts and channels as a company
  • [28:01] Developing a TV campaign 
  • [30:15] Lessons learned along the way 
  • [36:00] An experience that defines Jennie, makes her who she is 
  • [37:14] Jennie’s advice for her younger self
  • [38:07] A topic marketers should be learning more about 
  • [39:03] The brands and organizations Jennie follows 
  • [41:18] The biggest threat to marketers today 

Resources Mentioned: 

  • Grove Collaborative
  • Jennie Perry
  • Met Gala (Wikipedia)
  • Amazon Fashion & Amazon Prime
  • Grove launches distribution in Target
  • Plastic-free by 2025
  • Laundry Sheets
  • Cleaning concentrate system
  • Grove video ad from internal creative team
  • Amazon Palm Reader Checkout
  • Dunkin Donuts social media merch drops
  • Glossier unboxing (YouTube video example)

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 2021-11-03  43m