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episode 247: Turning 31 Years of Financial Disaster into Ultimate Freedom w/ Alex Felice

There are few people on this earth that can make Mindy laugh as much as Alex Felice. He’s been around the block with BiggerPockets a few times, appearing on episode 301 of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast. Alex has a growing rental property portfolio, a flipping business, and is a professional photographer/videographer. But, beneath his success, was thirty-one years of financial struggle.

Alex was taught financial skills growing up. The only problem: he didn’t listen to any of the advice he was given. He joined the Army without any skills, and as soon as he got out, he immediately bought a new car with a high monthly payment. He then was hit with a DUI, forcing him to really think what his life would turn out like unless he made a change.

He needed cash flow but didn’t want to go out and get another job, so he settled on investing in real estate. It was important for Alex to have a “get rich slowly” type asset, one with stability that could take care of him well into retirement. Now, he’s amassed an impressive portfolio, with some large commercial deals and flips on the side. Alex spends his days investing, working on his skills, traveling, and really doing whatever he wants!

In This Episode We Cover

Why self-sustainability is more important than a big paycheck 

Using “radical responsibility” to mold your perfect life and never falling into the “it will be okay” trap

Buying foreclosures and BRRRRing properties to minimize cash needed for investing

Having control over your money so you have ultimate financial freedom

Why you MUST surround yourself with like-minded, successful individuals 

Focusing on your passions (regardless of whether they pay well or not)

And So Much More!

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 2021-11-08  1h18m