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Welcome to Visual Studio 2022 – by Scott Hanselman and friends | Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event

Want to learn about the latest and greatest in the 64-bit Visual Studio 2022? Join Scott Hanselman and Visual Studio product team as they take Visual Studio 2022 for a spin.

 [00:00] Intro[00:39] Why you should care about Visual Studio 2022?[02:20] Performance improvements in Visual Studio 2022[04:39] Why 64-bit now?[08:00] IntelliCode, type less code more[11:35] Hot reload for C++[13:47] New for WPF and WinForms (Hot Reload, Design time data, XAML live preview)[17:20] Hot Reload in ASP.NET[20:27] Profiling .NET apps in Visual Studio 2022[23:19] Cross platform apps with WSL and CMake in Visual Studio 2022[26:07] Testing your .NET app on Linux[28:00] Easily create CI/CD pipelines using GitHub actions with Visual Studio 2022[30:40] Balloon drop! 


 2021-11-08  32m