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Why charging phones is such a complex business, with Anker CEO Steven Yang

Nilay Patel talks to Steven Yang, the CEO and founder of Anker Innovations. The conversation covers the full stack of Decoder topics: taking bets on new tech like gallium nitride, building a direct-to-consumer business on Amazon, and the complexity of managing the Amazon relationship, regulatory issues, platform fees — you name it. And all from a company that started making phone chargers. Anker is endlessly fascinating.


Anker CEO Steven Yang is all in on USB-C

Amazon-Native Brand Anker Goes Public

EU proposes mandatory USB-C on all devices, including iPhones

Gallium nitride is the silicon of the future

Video: Is gallium nitride the silicon of the future?

Anker MagGo devices snap on for wireless iPhone charging in your car and home

Amazon confirms it removed RavPower, a popular phone battery and charger brand

Another Amazon-first gadget brand has suspiciously vanished: Choetech

Doug DeMuro on Decoder

Nebula Capsule II mini projector review: TV in a can



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 2021-11-09  1h4m