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episode 81: Dave Woodward - Why You Need to Invest in Relationships If You Want Long Term Success & Happiness

The quality of your life is measured not so much by the number of people you have around you but by the qualities they possess. Are they supportive of your goals, understanding of your hard work, and do they motivate you to keep pressing forward when the road gets tough? Are they lifting you to higher grounds and are you able to leverage them to get your business to where you intend it to be? Today’s guest, Dave Woodward, is the Chief Revenue and Business Development Officer of ClickFunnels, a website that offers all the essential tools entrepreneurs need to elevate their businesses. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to build your network, earn an 8-figure profit, and get things rolling for your business, this episode will be a huge help to you. 

“People who work with you are the most important. They will help you grow and scale at a pace that you wanna go.”

-Dave Woodward

In this Episode:

  • Learn how to build relationships that matter and how to grow your relationship capital if you want to scale your business. 
  • Recognize the thing that slows down people a lot when they are trying to expand and pursue higher goals so you don’t become a victim of it. 
  • The qualities of business partners and employees you need to be on the lookout for if you want everyone to be aligned with your vision.
  • Discover the one thing most entrepreneurs don’t always focus on but are the key ingredient that can make or break the scaling process.
  • Realize the essence of giving and doing things of value for FREE and how this can help boost your business.

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 2021-11-10  36m