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Episode 464: Casey Johnston

Casey Johnston is a journalist and editor who writes the column "Ask A Swole Woman," which now appears in her newsletter ”She's a Beast.”

”I feel more comfortable lately with a sort of beloved-local-restaurant level of success. What's nice about Substack is that we've come to this place that I hope lasts where we can have this sort of local restaurant relationship with writers, or I can have that with readers, where I don't have to be part of this big machine in order to do something that I really like.”

Show notes:

  • @caseyjohnston
  • caseyjohnston.net
  • She's A Beast newsletter
  • Ask a Swole Woman at VICE
  • 13:00 My 14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday's Endless Appetizers (Caity Weaver • Gawker • Jul 2014)

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 2021-11-10  47m