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episode 141: Steward Ownership: Unlocking the Power of Employee Ownership - The Journey of Amanda Bybee [transcript]

Owning a business isn’t as easy as starting one and calling yourself the owner—you need to structure it to suit the company’s needs. There are lots of models that you can use, each with unique benefits, drawbacks, and advantages. Some companies prefer a cooperative model—it places great significance on camaraderie and information transparency. If your company values employee empowerment, you might want to use the cooperative model.

In today’s episode, Amanda Bybee conducts an in-depth discussion of employee ownership and the cooperative model. From her firsthand experience and extensive knowledge, she shares the benefits and values of adopting employee ownership. Amanda also explores the issues, challenges, and strategies in a cooperative model and how it empowers people.

If you're curious and want to find out if an employee ownership and cooperative model is right for you, then tune in to the full episode!

Episode Highlights

  • [05:00] Amanda’s Journey
  • [07:18] What Made Amanda Join Namaste Solar?
  • [09:58] The Power of Open Information Sharing
  • [12:31] Shifting to an Employee-Owned Cooperative
  • [14:21] Employee Owned vs Worker Cooperative
  • [17:55] Finding the Right Investors
  • [19:56] The Struggle in the Transition
  • [24:03] How Amanda Felt About the Transition
  • [26:18] Amanda’s Advice on Transitioning to a Cooperative
  • [29:42] The Right Time to Switch to Cooperative
  • [31:22] Starting Amicus O&M
  • [35:03] What Amicus O&M Does
  • [37:14] How Does Amicus O&M Make Money?
  • [39:31] Internal Business Processes for Cooperative
  • [42:59] Shared Services Cooperative vs. Worker Cooperative
  • [47:09] The True Value of Cooperative
  • [51:52] Employee Ownership as a Form of Empowerment
  • [55:20] You Don’t Have to Be Alone


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 2021-11-11  1h0m