Weekend Tea Talk

Talking helps relieve stress. Games help relieve stress. Weekend Tea Talk Podcast helps you to calm down and take a chill pill during the weekend. The podcast contains a variety of fun stuffs mostly games and questions that will make you day, dare I say your weekend. If you are a sucker for short stories, you are in the right place. The host also shares short interesting stories that will make you spill your tea. Hold on tight!!! Email: ezewuzienkiruka@gmail.com. Website: www.weekendlovedose.xyz. Love&Light babies



Tea Talk- Never Have I Ever

The host plays the game "Never Have I Ever" with the audience and gives herself points.
Broken a bone, Sung Karaoke, Gone skinny dipping, Been on TV and a whole lotta questions.
Play the game with me and grade yourself in the comment section or on my website www.weekendlovedose.xyz or email @ezewuzienkiruka@gmail.com

Love and Light babies❤️❤️
Let me help you relieve that stress and get in a lil fun.
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 2021-11-10  9m