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Cane and Rinse is a weekly podcast made by passionate videogaming enthusiasts aimed at like-minded listeners. Our ambition is to provide in-depth discussion with help from knowledgeable, articulate guests from the gaming community, the world of games development and beyond.


Console Special No.13 – Sony PlayStation 3

“IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING.” In our latest single platform, one console podcast we cast our minds back to the mid-2000s and Sony's entry into the seventh generation. Leon, Karl, Ryan and Thomas dust off their PS3's and, along with contributions from the Cane and Rinse community, debate the strengths and weaknesses of this once highly desirable piece of hardware. We also look at the machine's infrastructure, UI and peripherals, as well as many of the noteworthy exclusives and digital treasures in the bulging library of games released throughout the 10-year lifespan of the PlayStation 3.   Console Special No.13 edited by Jay Taylor


 2021-11-11  3h45m