The Michigan Constitution Podcast

Tony Snyder is a licensed attorney in the State of Michigan who offers a bi-monthly podcast on the Michigan Constitution. Here you will learn about each Article and its respective Sections, what they mean, and case law that has addressed how those provision are implemented in the day-to-day lives of citizens of Michigan.


episode 36: E-36: Right to Jury Trial (Part 1)

The right to a jury trial is protected both in our United State Constitution, as well as our Michigan Constitution. But why is the right to a jury trial so important? Why is it imperative we protect that right, both at the federal level, as well as at the state level? There are few reasons and we’ll discuss them over the next four podcasts.

In this podcast we’re going to discuss the following matters:

-Judge influence of the jury-Right to jury at common law-Waiver of right to jury trial-Judge vs. Jury decision making


 2021-06-01  26m