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episode 63: FOW063 – Chinese Science Fiction (with Virginia Conn) [EN]

Guest: Dr Virginia Conn

  • Website
  • Twitter
  • SFRA Review, which she edits


WARNING: This episode contains spoilers for »Pacific Rim 2«

  • Darko Suvin
  • »Little Smartie Travels to the Future« bv Ye Yonglie
    • Translations by Lena Henningsen et al and Nick Stember
  • Cultural Revolution
  • Great Leap Forward
  • Lu Xun
  • May 4th Movement
  • Liang Qichao
  • 1989: Song Mingwei
  • 1991: Science Fiction Convention
  • Magazine »Science Fiction World« 科幻世界
  • »Three Body Problem« by Liu Cixin
  • »Folding Beijing« by Hao Jingfang
  • Scar literature
  • »Invisible Planets« and »Broken Stars«, two collections of Chinese Sci-Fi edited and translated by Ken Liu
  • »Vagabonds« by Hao Jingfang
  • »Wandering Earth« by Liu Cixin (also a movie on Netflix)
  • »The Fat Years« by Chan Koonchung
  • Techno-orientalism
  • FOW045 – Mythbusting China’s Social Credit System
  • Ning Ken’s »the ultra unreal«

Book recommendations

  • »Three Body Problem« trilogy by Cixin Liu
    • German title: »Die Drei Sonnen« (2016, 2018, 2019)
  • »Folding Beijing« and »Vagabonds« by Hao Jingfang
    • German titles: »Peking falten« (2017), »Wandernde Himmel« (2018)
  • »Waste Tide« by Chen Qiufan/Stanley Chen
    • German Title: »Die Siliziuminsel« (2019)
    • more recent publication on AI: »AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future« with Kai-fu Lee, read her review the LA Review of Books to find out what Virginia thinks about it
  • Xia Jia
    • in German: u.a. in »Kapsel: Fantastische Geschichten aus China. Band 2: In den Wolken«
  • »Invisible Planets« and »Broken Stars«, two collections edited and translated by Ken Liu
  • »Sinopticon«, edited by Christina Xueting Ni (publication date: November 2021)
  • »The Way Spring arrives«, (publication date: March 2022)

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