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episode 508: Can You Contract the Soul of Another? (DnDeBrief 036)

D&DeBrief episode 036 - Can You Contract the Soul of Another?

Summary: The group travels through the Infernal Gate to meet up with a devil and get permission to use their gate. Thus begins step two of their plan to reverse the flooding!

Debrief: We talk about making contracts with devils in your D&D game., then we touch on PC secrets, finishing off the debrief discussing the fine line between playing a smart NPC smart and playing an NPC too smart and not leaving the PCs a chance to succeed.

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Maps & Images: 

The image and map used in this session are from 2C Gaming's Total Party Kill Handbook (vol. 1) and the chain maze was adapted from the Devil's Maze encounter (pages 132-137) in that book.

Here is a link to the image


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 2021-11-14  3h29m