Weekend Tea Talk

Talking helps relieve stress. Games help relieve stress. Weekend Tea Talk Podcast helps you to calm down and take a chill pill during the weekend. The podcast contains a variety of fun stuffs mostly games and questions that will make you day, dare I say your weekend. If you are a sucker for short stories, you are in the right place. The host also shares short interesting stories that will make you spill your tea. Hold on tight!!! Email: ezewuzienkiruka@gmail.com. Website: www.weekendlovedose.xyz. Love&Light babies



Episode 2 - Get To Know The Host (Nicki)

The host of Weekend Love Dose Podcast and Weekend Tea Talk Podcast (Nicki) answers a few questions to enable the audience get to know her more. She also wants to know more about her babies(the listeners)and encourages them to answer the questions asked in this episode. Remember!!! You can meet a partner or a new friend anywhere and it might happen in my comment box. Just comment...plssss

Website: www.weekendlovedose.xyz
Email: ezewuzienkiruka@gmail.com
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 2021-11-14  10m