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Hosts Acorn, Mirggles, and PB break down and discuss Netflix's DARK - including characters, color theory, and the cycles themselves. The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. Part of The Geek Generation Network.



Radio Winden – We Know We Know Nothing

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Radio Winden – We Know We Know Nothing


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In the final Radio Winden, The Dark Three dive into some well sourced evidence for the potential presence of The Freemasons in Dark, finish an email started in their previous Radio Winden regarding the experience and flow of time, and tuck in for a lovely conversation that reminds them of earlier episodes, before saying thank you and goodbye to their email friends (only for the time being).   Cover art by Jhony Caballero @jhonyknight   Show notes:
  • Dark’s three models of time travel
  • What is Time? Indigenous Conceptualizations of Time and the Geoweb
  • Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
  • Sonder

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 September 9, 2021  1h3m