DARK - A Companion To The Netflix TV Series

Hosts Acorn, Mirggles, and PB break down and discuss Netflix's DARK - including characters, color theory, and the cycles themselves. The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. Part of The Geek Generation Network.



A Closed Loop – Science & Time Travel In Dark

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A Closed Loop – Science & Time Travel In Dark


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The Dark Three tackle the show’s depiction of science and time travel, addressing the appearance of the Winden caves throughout the years and the show’s various time machines, and also dive into a discussion about closed loops that builds into a revelation resulting in the biggest brong moment of all time.

Cover art by Jhony Caballero @jhonyknight

Show notes:

Exhibit A: The Cave entrance through time

Exhibit B: The cave isn’t real!

The non-existent cave entrance in the making and how it looks in Dark!

had no idea that theres no actual cave

Exhibit C: The Time Machines of Dark

The Time Machines of Dark on imgur

Exhibit D: The prototype chair’s coils

Adam & Jonas at Sic Mundus in 1921 vs. Martha, Magnus, Franziska, Elisabeth and Bartosz at the caves in 2019 (Season 2, Episode 5)

Exhibit E: Complete chair

Exhibit F: Baumkuchen

Exhibit G: Redditor ncarnold’s post on dark matter and Hermeticism

What is the DARK MATTER? – Part 1: Noah’s Tattoo and Hermeticism – “TIME IS A DIVINE THING.” + Theories

Exhibit H: Air/Ether alchemical symbol

Exhibit I: Character headshots

Exhibit J: Schrodinger’s Cat Paradox in Dark

Schrodinger’s Cat Paradox in Dark

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 May 27, 2021  1h1m