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MAILBAG: Guilty Pleasure Teams, Luke Walton/Kings, DeMar DeRozan, New Foul Rules, Jonas Valanciunas

In the second part of a super-duper-mega mailbag, Adam and Dan discuss Jonas Valanciunas' impact on the New Orleans Pelicans; the news about the Sacramento Kings being displeased with Luke Walton; their favorite guilty-pleasure league pass watches; DeMar DeRozan's MVP case; how the new foul rules could impact team-building in the future; the way analytics are presented to fans; and much more. TIMESTAMPS⬇️

???? 0:28 - Intro

???? 3:27 - Luke Walton/Kings

???? 13:29 - Jonas Valanciunas' impact in New Orleans

???? Worst rotation players this season (23:41)

???? 28:13 - Most surprisingly watchable teams this season

???? 35:37 - Where is DeMar DeRozan on the early-season MVP ballot?

???? 40:29 - Steph vs. Magic: Playmaking impact

???? 44:36 - Which players are underrated because we focus too much on what they CAN'T do?

???? 52:57 - Are stat/analytic models adequately explained to fans?

???? 1:01:35 - Will the new foul rules impact heliocentrism or how teams build out rosters?

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 2021-11-16  1h16m