Every morning Larry and Andrew dig into a quote, idea, or an interesting guest that has caught their eye. The hope is that their chat inspires you to never stop thinking and possibly challenges you in a new way. Long time friends, Larry and Andrew each bring a unique perspective to each topic. Larry, with over 20 years of broadcasting experience, and a self proclaimed "Question Evangelist" is never at a loss for words. No matter the topic Larry is always ready to dive in to the finer details and get to the heart of the topic. The many jobs held by Andrew are seemingly endless. Bus driver, buffalo wrangler, medical researcher, dental assistant, general contractor to actor are just few of the hats he has worn. This array of job experience give Andrew the ability to look at the world through many different lenses.


episode 427: Switched at Birth

California women gave birth to each other’s babies after IVF mix-up


 2021-11-16  10m