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OData Batching with ASP.NET Core | On .NET

OData (Open Data Protocol) can be considered an extension to REST that that defines an additional set of conventions  for building and consuming Web APIs.

In this episode, Hassan Habib joins Jeremy to show us how we can easily add support for OData batch to our Web APIs

  • [00:00] - Introduction
  • [01:28] - What is OData?
  • [03:20] - What is OData Batching?
  • [09:07] - Setting up OData in an ASP.NET Core project
  • [20:54] - Adding batching support in OData 

Useful Links

  • All in One with OData $Batch
  • ASP.NET Core OData on GitHub
  • Supercharging your Web APIs with OData and ASP.NET Core



 2021-11-16  36m