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S5 Compiler Recast – Why Should You Write Technical Documentation?

Original episode:

Hey guys, getting close to Thanksgiving in the states. For today, I'm sharing another fantastic episode of the Compiler podcast, from Red Hat. As a reminder Compiler is a show hosted by tech veterans, discussing tech topics - big, strange and small.

On this particular episode - which is episode 8 - the topic of technical documentation is discussed. This is a fitting topic, given that the show is brought to you by Red Hat, which is the largest open source company in the world. The use cases for technical documentation for open source software seem pretty straight forward and obvious - if a developer or user needs to download a free, open source program, they will also need the correlated documentation so they can educate themselves on how to use the program.

In my experience, the need for technical documentation goes way beyond the boundaries of open source. Within the walls of a business, the need to share technical documentation around product architecture, entity relationships, DevOps workflow and even product strategy are absolutely critical in ensuring that everyone is on the same p age to move forward.

At the root, both types of technical documentation have the same goal - to inform the reader on how things should work. This episode was a great discussion on the topic, and I hope you enjoy Episode 8 of the Compiler podcast.

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 2021-11-17  31m