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episode 142: Steward Ownership: Maintaining Balance Between Ownership, Governance, and Finance - The Journey of Camille Cannon [transcript]

Raising capital often entails giving up some measure of control over your company. Granting investors ownership isn’t always a bad thing, but when it happens, your business might drift further and further away from your company vision. As mission-driven entrepreneurs, that isn’t acceptable. Thankfully, there is a solution: alternative ownership.

In this episode, Camille Canon, the co-founder and executive director of Purpose US, helps us navigate the tricky maze of ownership, governance, and money. She explains the concepts in ownership structure and alternative finance. Lastly, she clears up misconceptions about raising capital, reveals the secrets to creating a sustainable model for your business, and gives insight into the minds of investors.

Episode Highlights

  • [04:00] Camille’s Journey in Purpose US
  • [06:37] What Problem Does Purpose US Address?
  • [09:13] At What Stage Does Purpose US Help Entrepreneurs?
  • [12:35] Does Being Series A Matter?
  • [14:47] Firebrand Bakery: A Sustainable Model
  • [17:27] Finding The Right Investors For Your Company Vision
  • [19:10] Do Purpose US Investors Look For Similar Return?
  • [21:21] The Field of Alternative Capital
  • [24:20] The Importance of Financial Results
  • [26:01] Demystifying Concepts in Raising Capital
  • [27:37] Camille’s Parting Advice


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 2021-11-18  29m