UnF*ck Your Brain

UnF*ck Your Brain is the podcast for high-achieving feminist women who struggle with anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. If you know you’ve accomplished a lot professionally but still secretly feel like you’re unqualified….if you want to feel confident but you worry about what everyone else thinks about you...if you want to succeed but fear failure...this podcast is for you. In each episode Master Certified Confidence Coach Kara Loewentheil, J.D., will teach you how to overcome social conditioning and your own self-critical thoughts so that you can reduce your anxiety and insecurity, boost your self-confidence, and get what you want in life. Download a free guide to creating confidence at www.unfckyourbrain.com/podcastconfidence.



episode 212: Codependency, Coaching, and Your Nervous System: A Conversation with Victoria Albina

Many women have the sense that they’re not good enough or worthy enough unless other people think they are. Why? Because society has taught us that we need to put everyone else’s needs before our own, and so we develop some codependent thought patterns to evaluate our worth. Instead of learning to validate ourselves, we rely on outside approval to feel good about ourselves.



This week, I’m talking to Victoria Albina, nurse practitioner-turned-life coach, about how this codependency affects our nervous systems and can impair our brains’ abilities to function. Tune in to find out how to regulate your nervous system, how to stop people-pleasing and seeking external validation, and how to believe that you’re already worthy - starting today.



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