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episode 250: Finance Friday: Laying a Strong Financial Foundation in Only a Few Years

Everyone knows that tech salaries tend to be on the higher end. In tech, you could be working as an engineer, programmer, or statistician, like today’s guest Matthew. But, Matthew never planned to go to school for this type of work. Half a decade ago, Matthew was wearing a chef’s apron, working forty to sixty-hour weeks, making slightly above minimum wage. He loved the work (and the food) but realized he couldn’t keep living with the long hours, low wages, and high stress.

Mathew went back to school to study statistics and landed a job in tech, which he’s just recently moved on from, and accepted a far higher salary. This all sounds like good news, so what exactly is Matthew having trouble with?

After maxing out many of his retirement accounts, Matthew is wondering where else he should be putting his money. He’s already saving a significant amount every month, thanks to his frugal lifestyle, but wants to be sure he’s standing on a strong financial foundation. Should he look into rental properties, taxable brokerage accounts, or higher-risk assets like tech stocks and crypto? If you’re lucky enough to have a little extra change left over at the end of every month, you may be in Matthew’s position too!

In This Episode We Cover

Changing careers even after you’ve been working in the industry for years

What to do if you’re young and don’t know which field to study 

Keeping your expenses low, regardless of how well your job pays

Starting side businesses that can help you float expenses 

Investing in after-tax retirement accounts vs. investing in post-tax retirement accounts

Live in flip tips from the master herself (Mindy Jensen) 

Calculating out your estimated retirement nest egg using the ‘Rule of 72’

And So Much More!

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 2021-11-19  1h6m