Weekend Tea Talk

Talking helps relieve stress. Games help relieve stress. Weekend Tea Talk Podcast helps you to calm down and take a chill pill during the weekend. The podcast contains a variety of fun stuffs mostly games and questions that will make you day, dare I say your weekend. If you are a sucker for short stories, you are in the right place. The host also shares short interesting stories that will make you spill your tea. Hold on tight!!! Email: ezewuzienkiruka@gmail.com. Website: www.weekendlovedose.xyz. Love&Light babies



50 Deep Questions (Game Time)

What other way to get rid of stress and boredom if not games and the weekend is the perfect time to relieve the stress of the weekdays. 50 deep questions you can ask your friend, yourself or your partner as you relax and unwind. Maybe you are even looking for ways to get to know someone better, asking question is a perfect example.
Time to play a game!!!
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Email: ezewuzienkiruka@gmail.com
Website: www.weekendlovedose.xyz
Love&Light babies❤️
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 2021-11-21  9m