The Scale on Socials Podcast

This is the podcast for Social Media Managers and Online Service providers to turn your skills into a profitable online business that you love. My name is Mae Bornillo and my aim is to help you use the power of Social Media to get more clients, increase your income, and make more impact. This is an honest and no-BS show about the journey and learnings as a growing entrepreneur. The Scale on Socials Podcast is your daily source of knowledge, motivation, and momentum to stay consistent on your path to your goals.


Welcome to The Scale on Socials Podcast!

Hey Fam! Welcome to The Scale on Socials Podcast!

A podcast for social media managers and online service providers who want to turn their skills into a profitable online business. If you’re wondering how I use the power of social media to get clients and increase my income, this podcast is for you!

Join me as I guide you to achieving your goals in building your online business by implementing actionable steps that you can apply in your life and seeing the real changes it brings. I’m going to share with you my personal journey from flying to Dubai, working in a 9-5, becoming a social media manager, and scaling up to now owning a flagship online coaching program.

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