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episode 20: Favoritism and Nepotism

We often are forced to listen to celebrity "success" stories. During these "success" stories we are told that if we work our asses down to the tailbone the magic job fairy will come along and offer us our dream job. This story has been preached as the gospel truth by almost every celebrity that has ever graced a movie set or a microphone. But the reality is much different; the reality is that favoritism, the act of giving unfair preference to one person or group not based on talent but on superficial things like attractiveness, and nepotism, the act of giving all jobs to your unqualified relatives and friends rather than giving it to the person who has worked the hardest, often lead to what we call success. I personally see a lot of favoritism in the rap scene play out today. Modern rap has become more of a fashion show than an art form. There are not many Missy Eliot's making it into the higher levels of rap today. There are not many Eves coming up in the game anymore. The aforementioned artists had mad talent and they are proof that you really do not have to look like some fashion model to make great art. That is why Nicki Minaj's ascent to fame was so depressing to me. I don't even think Minaj remembers her own hair color any longer. She actually fashions herself after a Barbie Doll as her stage personae. Really? A Barbie Doll? The toy that is pretty much the standard of beauty for all young white girls, that instructs those white girls that that is how you are supposed to look, that makes them hate themselves. Some of those white girls, who no doubt hate themselves because no one looks like a Barbie Doll, grow up and bully black girls in order to make themselves feel better. These white girls, not all, but some, call black girls ugly all because their mothers taught them, by buying them toys like Barbie Dolls, that black girls are ugly. But this is what you base your persona on? How disappointing it is to know that one of the number one artists in a mostly all black genre is contributing to the bullying of young black girls cannot be put into words. But if you are willing to do that, if you are willing act white instead of sticking true to your roots, then you can make it in rap pretty easily. But don't get it twisted, I ain't impressed by Nicki Minaj or anyone like her who decides to put on white face, while at the same time acting like she's a soldier for the black race. This is favoritism act work, only the black people who act white ever get anywhere anymore in this country. That is a fact. The same can be said of men in the rap game. It used to be that you could be an Old Dirty Bastard type and achieve measurable success in the hip hop world because no one used to care how you looked as long as you sounded great. Nowadays, you have to have the perfect haircut and the perfect clothing style to be a famous rapper. I don't know what happened in hip hop, but somewhere along the line it became a requirement that you had to look like Puff Daddy to be a hit rapper. That's the standard now and a lot of serious talent is getting passed up because of this high fashion movement that has taken over rap. But it's not just favoritism; nepotism is also taking over entertainment. The reason there are not enough jobs for up and coming artists like me, the reason they lock us out of Hollywood, is because they give all the jobs to their untalented relatives and friends. It's not enough for celebrities to have requirements for how you must act and look to get into their cool kids club; now you actually have to be related to them! When does it end? How can you possibly please such people? How can you sit there and expect me to keep a positive attitude when these drama queens are going out of their way to lock people like me out of the industry? Some of us don't have money to go to the damn spa, alright? I can't always afford to buy a new suit and tie for an audition and they know that. They have locked normal people out.  

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 2021-11-24  20m