The Ex-Man with Doc Coyle

Bad Wolves and ex-God Forbid guitar player Doc Coyle talks to professionals in the music world and other creative industries about the challenges and transitions of leaving monumental ventures. This podcast is for those passionate and driven 20-30 somethings at a crossroads trying to figure out "what's next?"


episode 184: The Streaming Vs. Sales Symposium w/ Mike Mowery, Eric German, and Ryan J. Downey

Doc welcomes artist manager Mike Mowery (Ice Nine Kills), entertainment lawyer Eric German (Bad Wolves, Asking Alexandria), and jack-of-all-trades Ryan J. Downey (artist manager, Speak N’ Destroy Podcast, Stream N’ Destroy Newsletter), to the show and they all have a comprehensive discussion about how to analyze streaming numbers alongside traditional album sales which factor into open week chart positions, and how we measure what "success" or lack thereof in today's heavy music industry.

This episode features the songs "Insanity" by Aseity and "Die With Me" by Gemini Syndrome.

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