Dead Pilots Society

In Dead Pilots Society, scripts that were developed by studios and networks but were never produced are given the table reads they deserve. Starring actors you know and love from television and film, a live audience, and a good time in which no one gets notes, no one is fired, and everyone laughs. Presented by Andrew Reich (Friends; Worst Week) Ben Blacker (The Writers Panel podcast; co-creator, Thrilling Adventure Hour), and Noah Findling (The New York Times, Comedy Central).


episode 82: Episode 82: Julia Meltzer (UCB) Interview (Yours, Mine and Paul's After Show feat: Abraham Higginbotham of Modern Family)

Have you listened to Julia Meltzer’s pilot Yours, Mine and Paul’s yet? Throw it on while you’re whipping up your Thanksgiving meal! Then listen to Andrew's interview with Julia, one of comedy’s next great writers! Joined by her supervisor Abraham Higginbotham (Modern Family), Julia tells us about how she went from being Ty Burrell’s development assistant to attaching him as a producer on her pilot ... the long arduous process of packaging this project with a studio, a showrunner, two stars, and selling it to a major television network ... why Julia chose Abraham to be her supervisor and a deep dive into what the hell a supervisor even is. Yours, Mine and Paul’s was one of the hot pilots during the 2020 development season. Julia and Abraham were sure it was going to series, but somehow it ended up on Dead Pilots Society.  Enjoy the interview and happy Thanksgiving!

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 2021-11-25  1h5m