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episode 73: The Wolff & Horner Show - 2021 F1 Season

The 2021 Formula 1 Season hasn't just been about Red Bull Racing vs. Mercedes or Max Verstappen vs. Lewis Hamilton. It's also been about Christian Horner vs. Toto Wolff.

We reckon that EVEN IF the Verstappen-Hamilton title battle comes to an end, the Wolff-Horner show might just continue for years to come.

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In this Pits to Podium segment of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, Soumil and Kunal look back at some of the most-feisty moments between Wolff-Horner. Their pot shots have been about track limits, disqualifications, front wings, rear wings, tactical fouls & a lot of other stuff. In fact, is there any part of the other's car they've not brought up for public scrutiny? Remember the recent 'score marks' comments from Horner?

It's race week for the inaugural 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix - and we'll be back with our race preview in a few days. Till then, sit back & enjoy the 'Toto Wolff & Christian Horner' show in Formula 1 & on the Inside Line F1 Podcast. Tune in!

(Season 2021, Episode 73)

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Image courtesy: Red Bull Content Pool


 2021-11-29  14m