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PC Gaming is Officially the BEST! - WAN Show November 26, 2021

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - NOTE: Timestamps may be slightly off due to sponsor change)

[0:00] Chapters.

[1:29] Intro.

[1:59] Topic #1: PC wins Best Gaming Hardware.

    3:32 Comparing PCs with consoles.

    7:54 Dark Souls wins Ultimate Game of All Time.

    11:55 Other candidates for the award.

    17:06 Linus's & Luke's "best" of genres.

[29:34] Topic #2: Tesla records YOU.

    31:33 Tesla using non-validated self-driving.

    34:15 Inaccurate promises by Tesla.

[39:24] LTTStore Black Friday deals.

[40:42] Sponsors ft technical difficulties.

    41:03 Ridge Wallet.

    41:42 Secretlab chairs.

    43:00 Humio dashboard logging.

[48:50] Topic #3: GPU prices increasing again.

    51:00 Samsung's potential 3nm chips.

[53:24] Topic #4: iBuyPower & Gamers Nexus.

    57:26 A terrible deal is NOT a lie.

    58:54 Linus's experience with rebadged GPUs.

[1:03:05] Topic #5: Qualcomm's exclusivity deal ending in 2022.

    1:05:09 Linux topic, Windows is better at gaming than Linux.

    1:10:32 SteamOS 3.0 & arch-based distros.

    1:14:53 The intended point of the series.

    1:19:28 Candy Crush, PUPs in Windows.

[1:20:24] LTTStore leak #1: LTT backpack.

[1:24:46] Ayaneo 2021 Pro.

[1:28:24] Merch Messages.

[1:31:25] LTTStore leak #2: LTT stealth circuit deskpad

[2:01:28] Outro.


 2021-11-29  2h0m