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episode 288: Helping Build Careers without Loneliness with COOP Career’s Kalani Leifer and Wpromote’s Daniela Toledo

Kalani Leifer is the Founder of COOP Careers and Daniela Toledo is the Senior Account Manager at Wpromote. She's also a graduate of the COOP Careers program. 

In this episode, Alan, Kalani, and Daniela talk about COOP Careers, Daniela’s journey through the program as a diverse, first-generation college grad, and what motivated Kalani to start this initiative. Kalani says, “Building a career is hard, but it shouldn’t be lonely,” and part of their mission is to help fulfill the broken promise of a college degree.

As you listen, you’ll hear more about what the program entails and why marketers, CMOs, and marketing organizations should look to programs like COOP Careers. Both Daniela and Kalani believe it helps not only to augment their talent pipeline but a partnership can help diversify their talent.

Listen to the full episode to hear how COOP Careers has changed the lives of many young professionals and how the organization can help your business. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why diversification matters
  • The power of community support 
  • How to help the broken hiring system

Key Highlights:

  • [01:52] Daniela’s journey
  • [03:40] How Daniela found the program and what it taught her
  • [06:33] Daniela’s advice to young businesspeople
  • [08:01] Kalani’s story
  • [12:04] How the program is structured
  • [18:58] Where COOP is headed
  • [23:50] Advice for companies wanting to diversify
  • [28:21] How companies can partner with COOP
  • [32:06] An experience that defines Daniela
  • [33:11] An experience that defines Kalani
  • [36:11] Daniela’s advice to her younger self 
  • [36:45] Kalani’s advice for his younger self 
  • [37:41] The biggest threat and opportunity for marketing 

Resources Mentioned: 

  • COOP Careers
  • Kalani Leifer, founder and CEO
  • Daniela Toledo, Sr. Account Manager, Wpromote and program graduate
  • More about the COOP program
  • History of COOP Careers

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 2021-12-01  41m