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episode 104: Ep.104, Implementing DevSecOps in Regulated vs Unregulated Industries with Rohit Parchuri

Welcome back to another installment of The Secure Developer, where we have another fascinating conversation lined up! Today your host Guy Podjamy sits down with Rohit Parchuri, Chief Information Security Officer at Yext, to pick his powerhouse brain about DevSecOps frameworks. Rohit is an accomplished security leader with an established record building, structuring, and institutionalizing security principles and disciplines in the cloud hosting, network hardware, cloud software, and healthcare domains. In this episode, the listener hears a comprehensive understanding of the differences between a health platform and a tech platform, the crucial component of building a culture or security mindset across a company, and the challenges of weaving security into fast-paced and leading-edge organizations. We then touch on the 3 frameworks which Rohit delineates before he starts building a program, before diving deep into the different approaches needed for more heavily regulated industries versus the less regulated spaces. Plus, you'll get a sneak peek into Rohit's favorite interview question, and his hard-won take on the need for dual skills in security as well as the programming landscape. Finally, we look to the future and hear some exciting and pretty accurate projections into what cybersecurity will look like in 5 years time. Press play to hear all this and more!


 2021-12-01  45m