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here a short bio: pablo sonhar was born in portugal and lives now in zurich/switzerland. he is a trance music lover and dj with passion. since a few years, pablo sonhar mix his weekly trance podcast/radioshow "Daydreams" and "Nightdreams". exclusive Daydreams now for . exclusive Nightdreams now for .


Pablo Sonhar @pablosonhar - Nightdreams Episode 033

01) Gayax - Connected (Sam Fletcher Intro Remix) [High Emotions Recordings]
02) Dreamseekers - Star Lights (Extended Mix) [NOCTURNAL KNIGHTS MUSIC]
03) JES - Wish You Were Here (Robert Nickson Extended Remix) [MAGIK MUZIK]
04) Roman Sand - DIVER (Original Mix) [GERT RECORDS]
05) Rene Ablaze & Natalie Gioia - Who You Are (Extended Mix) [FUTURE SEQUENCE]
06) Giuseppe Ottaviani - The Wind in Your Face (Extended Mix) [BLACK HOLE RECORDINGS]
07) Dave Oren Feat. Jose Viggo - You Only Have This One Life (Dub Mix) [REDUX RECORDINGS]
08) Made Of Light & Zara Taylor - Let it Go (Extended Mix) [INTERPLAY GLOBAL]
09) Darren Porter - Reason to Rise (Extended Mix) [REASON II RISE MUSIC]
10) Marc Ward - No Border (Extended Mix) [THINK TRANCE RECORDS]
11) Alpha025 - Above All (Original Mix) [ANTIMA MUSIC]
12) Paipy - Revolution (Extended Mix) [PHOENIX RECORDINGS]
13) DJ Elven & D-Myo - Erase My Sadness (Original Mix) [TRANZONE RECORDINGS]
14) James Kitcher - Everything Changed (Spectral Remix) [TITAN AUDIO]
15) Exouler - Shida (Extended Mix) [AVA WHITE]
16) DJ Gard - Holding On (Extended Mix) [DNA REVOLUTIONS RECORDINGS]
17) Alex Wright With Amos & Riot Night - Apparition (Extended Mix) [HIGH VOLTAGE RECORDINGS]
18) Javi García, Ricardo Guerra & Cogo - Nebula (Original Mix)
19) Andrew Peters - Origin (Extended Mix) [EXTREMA GLOBAL MUSIC]
20) Firebird & Fred Baker - Lockdown (Fred Baker Mix) [BAKER STREET RECORDS]


 2021-12-02  2h0m