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Talking helps relieve stress. Games help relieve stress. Weekend Tea Talk Podcast helps you to calm down and take a chill pill during the weekend. The podcast contains a variety of fun stuffs mostly games and questions that will make you day, dare I say your weekend. If you are a sucker for short stories, you are in the right place. The host also shares short interesting stories that will make you spill your tea. Hold on tight!!! Email: ezewuzienkiruka@gmail.com. Website: www.weekendlovedose.xyz. Love&Light babies



Would You Rather Games 2

Game time!!! Time for would you rather games part 2
Would you rather die of sadness or die of guilt?
Would you rather be able to continue with your life or restart it?
Would you rather read minds or accurately predict the future?
10 questions to make your weekend fun.
Sit back, relax, sip your tea or coffee and let the games begin!!!
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 2021-12-05  11m