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episode 1: Traci Harrell - It's All Bigger Than Me. Leadership Perspective From The Ultimate Optimist.


Traci Harrell is a consultant, author, producer & radio show host, happiness coach, diversity & inclusion change agent, trainer and an explorer on our shared journey of life.

Traci is the youngest of a family of 5, raised in Florida, attended the University of Florida, and she has two Masters level degrees in Finance, Business and Project Management. She has over 25 years of diverse professional experience in Corporate America including work internationally (8 years at IBM, 14 years at the Walt Disney Company and 5 years at Microsoft). Traci loves nature, is an avid gardener, and she considers herself a bit of a “flower child”. She is an eternal optimist…a Fearless and Courageous Change Agent, focused on “Authentic Living”.

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 2021-11-19  37m