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episode 217: The UCF Knights defeat the Florida Gators, Kristie's punishment and the NFL Playoff race

In episode 217 of Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris, Kristie starts the episode dreading her punishment she will recieve for the Gators losing to the UCF Knights in the Gasparilla Bowl. Rob lays down her sentence and gives her the prepared statement she has to read. You don't want to miss this portion of the show. Next, they recap the game and some of the highlights. Rob then asks Kristie what effect the Gators loss will have on the future of the program and Rob shares the impact of a Knights win for the future. Then they discuss the canceled bowls in college football. Can replacements be found for these games?

Next, Rob and Kristie jump into the NFL world. The Bucs defeat the Carolina Panthers and capture their first NFC South Championship since 2007. Will the Bucs be able to continue their strong march towards the playoffs with all the injuires the team has? Then Rob recaps the final drive of the Jaguars versus Jets game. You don't want to miss Kristie's reaction. Kristie then breaks down the AFC and NFC playoff race. Which teams are in and which teams are fighting on the bubble.

As always Rob and Kristie end the episode with trivia and a would you rather.

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 2021-12-28  32m