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The Wild Horse Auctions in Fallon Nevada. From peace to chaos.

Why have we become so disconnected, How have we become so cold and cruel? I watched mothers and youngsters pushed into a semi circle inside the auction arena trembling and scared, shitting themselves as the auctioneer shouted his numbers and bidding over the loudest distorted PA system imaginable. 
These animals petrified, were held until the price was met and then ushered back outside while the next family came in. 
I saw people dressed as cowboys sitting on their arses without one drip of empathy in their body. 
These animals were terrified and I choked up to the point where I had to get outside and leave. 
I sobbed in the car park and wondered what the fuck I could do. 
I have hit a low in my life right now, Too much going on in such a short time yet I feel I need to carry this fight on. 
I just drove 3 hours back down to Topanah and can't remember the drive.
What frustrates me is the total lack of commitment of people to the cause. We have the tools but we have forgotten how to use them. The save the whale rally in the 70's pulled out millions of people and we changed the world. We can't get a fraction interested anymore and I'm pissing against the wind. 
I write this with tears down my cheeks because I have these images in my mind of these horses with their eyes popping out of their heads in fear.
I so dislike my own species at this moment.
Before anyone tells we how many good people there are (For which there is) there is not enough. We are fighting against greed and the people who should represent us in government are bought by lobbyists and sharks. While the country is corrupt, the animals are the losers and when the animals loose, I have no meaning.


 2013-08-23  5m