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Happy anniversary Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Arctic national wildlife refuge is 50 years old......

As a kid I always wanted to go to the Arctic national wildlife refuge but growing up in the UK i believed this was highly doubtful at my tender age of 8 years old.

To see a polar bear or a wolf was a dream for me. I would see natural history programs on TV featuring this amazing place and it jettisoned me off to this wilderness.

Many years on it became reality and after visiting this majestic place 5 times, I cannot get enough of it.

Each year though there is a threat to its very existence and that threat is from man and his addiction to oil.

For many years ANWR( as it has become known ) is the subject of oil drilling, certain people want to see this amazing place opened up for oil.

For over 50 years activists and conservationists have fought off these threats, many by the skin of their teeth.

Even if you never visit this pristine wilderness in your lifetime, You need to know that we can at least protect at least one place on this planet, If not for you, your children and their kids.

Extinction is for ever

Please visit www.arcticlive.comfor details on this 50th anniversary.

you can also follow links to facebook and twitter from there.

Get involved and revel in this amazing place.

Happy Birthday Arctic national wildlife refuge....

Recorded sounds of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from the Kongakut River, Canning Delta, Sunset Pass and Beaufort Lagoon.

Recordist: Martyn Stewart



 2011-06-06  3m